Quality policy and editorial guidelines

The “Quality Policy” contains the guidelines of the commitment to continuous improvement of the entire organization, considering both the needs of the company and the expectations and needs of our stakeholders.

Company Policy

  • Offer services that focus on the continuous improvement of products and services to meet the expectations and needs of customers. In compliance with ISO 9001 and mandatory regulations.
  • Continuously develop the skills and awareness of the people who work in and with CREA.
  • Ensure internal and external communication through moments of confrontation.
  • Research innovative ideas to offer services and products up with the market needs.
  • Optimize processes for the improvement of business objectives
  • Maintain / strengthen the market especially the Asian one.
  • Support customers remotely. Presence and timely response.

Strategic Objectives

  • Establish specific scopes to build a precise identity of the company together with the corporation.
  • Develop a strategic market presence through knowledge of the technological trends.
  • Consolidate the profitability of the company as a prerequisite for its own continuity: the Organization pursues this objective using tools for monitoring and improving company performance, as well as the implementation of actions aimed at optimizing the use of available resources and production.
  • Improve the internal organization, management and development of people.


  • Use the information back from the customer to fuel the constant improvement of the service and the product.
  • Maintain a management control system to monitor management e ciency and effectiveness indicators, as well as ensure timely reaction mechanisms.
  • Clearly define the staff skills and responsibilities.
  • Involve and motivate staff in the best possible way.
  • Communicate and inform effectively.
  • Schedule periodic brainstorming and discussion meetings aimed at constant integration and collaboration


  • Provide the necessary means to increase and keep up to date the professionalism of employees and collaborators.
  • Motivate, empower and sensitize every subject who acts in business processes with a view to continuous improvement.
  • Maintain proven supplier reliability.